Services We Offer

Legal Aid

We provide several forms of legal aid to address unjust laws that worsen the living conditions of LGBT, MSM, and MSW persons in Uganda. 


Professional Legal Aid


We conduct investigations, document, monitor, and report cases of human rights violations against LGBT, MSM & MSWs students/persons which need to be referred to a lawyer, specialized organization, or legal aid. Our recommendations in relation to the research findings are shared with policy makers and other relevant stakeholders aimed at influencing policy change.



Under this program, we have trained paralegals who intervene in cases where LGBT persons are entangled with the law or arrested and assist in getting them released. We are also able to provide legal assistance such as registration of organizations, drafting and registration of company documents, mediations, counseling, recommendation letters, and referrals for the LGBT community. 


We also have a person trained by Defenders Protection Initiative as a Security Focal Person (SFP), who is in charge of responding to insecurities faced by LGBT individuals and organizations serving LGBT persons. Some examples include cases related to family rejection, evictions, house and office break-ins, and any other cases related to insecurities of LGBT persons.


If you are in need of legal aid please contact us here. 


Human Rights Education

We work with LGBT, MSM, and MSW persons directly to equip them with the legal knowledge they need to defend their own rights. We educate the LGBT community on the legal environment and how current laws like the Anti-Homosexual Bill effect them. We also distribute publications with legal information developed by partner organizations such as Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum.



We work to increase the Ugandan community’s awareness and tolerance of LGBT, MSM, and MSW people. We engage with medical practitioners, labor unions, religious organizations, media houses, and some members of parliament and the general public.


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