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This is a network of key populations that we subscribe to and we are members of the network.

Some of the advocacy work we have done with Marps Network include; Community score cards conducted on the Kampala City council Authority health centers to assess the quality and availability of health services delivered to the key populations , condom promotion and lubricant promotion, and Divisional quarterly meetings with the Kampala City council Authority.

THETA Uganda

THETA is one of the organizations in a consortium that was formed to undertake the responsibility to build the capacity of LGBTI organizations to be able to have the minimum capacity to handle donor funds and to be able to do meaningful advocacy. The consortium of three organizations that consisted of THETA, CHAU and Marps Network under a five year project named the Local Capacity Initiative-LCI

Under the local capacity initiative-LCI which was aimed at strengthening the capacity of LGBTI organizations to be able to advocate and hold the duty bearers accountable. Our organization was able to be selected to be part of the beneficiaries of the initiative and we had several of our staff members trained in different capacities and their areas of work such as financial management, resource mobilization, leadership and advocacy. We were able to develop most of our policies with the help of THETA including our strategic plan.

SMUG – Sexual Minorities Uganda

Sexual Minorities Uganda is an umbrella organization for LGBTI organization in Uganda and we subscribe as members to the network. SMUG does advocacy and mainly political advocacy including claiming for the LGBTI space and recognition.

We have participated in the various social events such as world aids day, IDAHOT, Remembering the fallen LGBTI activists, pride celebrations, workshops, trainings organized by SMUG and petitions filled by SMUG. 

I-freedom Network

This is a network organization which works mainly on the internet security and serves the LGBTI community. They have trained most of our staff members in digital and online security which is a very powerful tool in advocacy and online communications.

We are members of If-freedom network and benefit from their free services that they extend to LGBTI persons and organizations.

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