staff members during one of the staff meetings
staff meeting
One of the counsellors doin a pre-test counseling
KLUG staff after receiving IEC material donated by MARPS Network
KLUG management team with TASO staff in a planning meeting
a clinician testing one of the clients
a KLUG staff conducting an awareness on HIV
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To advocate for the health rights and access to justice for all marginalized/stigmatized LGBT, MSM and MSW students in and after Universities, colleges and tertiary institutions because of their gender identity (sexual orientation) as part of economic, social and political life without discrimination in Uganda. 


To have an increased human rights protection, through advocacy and awareness campaigns to stake holders that include: medical practitioners, labor unions, religious organizations, media houses, policy makers and the general public.


Uganda is one of the countries that criminalizes same sex relationships and homosexuality in general. Penal code Section 145,148 criminalize safe sex acts against the order of nature. Article 31 of the Ugandan constitution clause 2(a) prohibits same sex marriage. Equal opportunities Act 2009 is intended to broaden the criminalization of same sex relations by introducing the death penalty. 

Already LGBT persons suffer from human rights violations because of their sexual orientation like denial of information about and treatment of HIV/AIDS, torture and ill treatment, sexual assault and rape, invasion of privacy, arbitrary detention, and denial of employment and education opportunities 

Unfortunately LGBT people, MSM and MSWs students are not well versed with basic legal knowledge about human rights for all. To compound the problems stakeholders also lack credible knowledge about sexual minorities. 

At Kampus Liberty Uganda we intend to bridge these gaps to protect our people. 

Kampus Liberty Uganda (KLUG) a non-profit organization, fully registered by the Registrar of Organizations’ under section 16(1) of the Act. 

KLUG advocates for the Health Rights, Educating on Risky Sexual Behaviors, and access to Justice for all marginalized/stigmatized Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Men who have Sex with Men and Male Sex Works persons (LGBT, MSM & MSWs) because of their Gender Identity (Sexual Orientation) as part of Economic, Social and Political life without Discrimination in Uganda. KLUG was established on the 24th/March/2011 and registered on the 18th/Oct/2012.