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Economic Empowerment

Kampus Liberty Uganda’s newest project is our economic empowerment arm, Empower Now. Empower Now is aimed at poverty reduction and independence for our youth and LGBT/MSM/MSW community members especially those that are out of school, did not go to school, or dropped out of school, and those who are unemployed. 

Empower Now aims to promote financial independence, teach income generating activities, and promote talent and personal improvement.

Empower Now’s activities

  • Providing training in other income generating activities that may not necessarily require one to attend school
  • Identifying and promote talents
  • Providing training in business management
  • Giving small startup capital in the form of loans returned without interest 
  • Establishment of businesses for those who have completed trainings and received loans.

This project is still in its initial stages, however we have already identified a good number of individuals interested in Empower Now.

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